‚ÄčORGANIC, healthy and well balanced breakfast, lunch and two snacks are served daily.  

Za Walker Registered Nursing P.C.  RN License # 698826 Childcare License # 414003089


 An average day at Baby Steps includes many activities but also plenty of free play and time for exploration! 

     Each day is a little bit different but includes some variation of these activities:  We have circle time on the rug and read books.  We practice learning our body parts. We look at pictures of animals and practice the sounds they make. We listen to music and have dance parties.  We discover and put together puzzles and learning games.  We sing songs and practice our shapes and colors.  I work with each child individually and as a group with alphabet and number flash cards. In the morning and in the afternoon we spend time playing and exploring my yards.  If one or more of the children doesn't feel like being a part of an activity, they are free to move on and play with whatever they want.  I feel it is very important for their physical, emotional and social development to be free to explore and have fun playing! 

     The older children have nap/quiet time from 1pm t0 3pm and the younger children have 2-3 naps worked into the day according to their age.